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Top 5 2019 Holiday Party Trends

Holiday Parties Are Trending, And We've Got The Scoop On 2019's Best Ideas.

You may be thinking that it's too early to start making holiday plans.  The truth is, now is the time to reserve your preferred date before the best options are gone.   Holiday party planning is the one place where copying and pasting just won't cut it.  Mix it up for your employees this year with our top Holiday Party Trends for 2019:

Multiple Spaces, Multiple Experiences Why limit the party to one space?  Help get the conversation started amongst your employees with different themes in different rooms.  Either have all themes available at the same time, or start the event in one location for cocktail hour and then present a completely different theme as you move them all to another for dinner or dancing.  Keep it within the same venue and create the ultimate party hopping experience. 

An Element Of Surprise The Holidays are typically a time of tradition; however, injecting an element of surprise keeps the holiday season (and your party) exciting and refreshing. Pick a non-traditional venue and surprise your guests with your transformation.  Nostalgic games and activities are a great way to encourage mingling and create an adult playground. There's nothing like a giant game of Connect Four to break the ice and keep people interested. 

Roving Performers  Speaking of keeping things interesting...Roving Performers are a great way to entertain guests with a more personalized experience. These performers are experts when it comes to identifying lively pockets of the party , but also gauging whether their subject may be on the shy/introverted side and getting them engaged in the fun. It's a true balancing act. 

A Captivating Culinary Experience Let's be real. The single most important factor of your Holiday Party? Mouthwatering food. Nothing tantalizes the tastebuds like watching fresh, nutritious food cooked right before your eyes. Ergo, Live Action Food Stations -  this trend is not new, but it is here to stay. Selecting a venue with multiple rooms allows your guests to embark on a culinary journey with different fare to delight at each stop. 

BYO Holiday Spirits!  Now you can get your co-workers in the holiday spirit much more affordably at WorkMerk by bringing in their own libations!  You get to hand pick your favorite distilled spirits, local brews, and crowd pleasing wines to serve to your guests. For your convenience, glassware is provided at a minimal charge and venues and if needed, we can refer you to professional bartender services to staff the bar. 

Contact us today to brainstorm more ideas!

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