At WorkMerk Conshy we nourish every part of the human and appeal to all of the senses.  Farm to table cuisine connects you to the local environment, fresh air on our Terrace allows you to breathe, waves of sunlight and soothing 70's classics ease the mind while your team collaborates. This is a sensory experience. 


WorkMerk Conshy empowers you to infuse new energy into your meetings. Our spaces are specifically designed to stimulate the senses. Clean lines, natural light, and sustainably built; WorkMerk has created an environment built for successful meetings. Subtle pops of color spark creativity, intentional lighting keeps energy levels high and comfortable seating allows presenters to have full attention. These micro mental nudges may seem nominal but make a big impact to ensure alertness and information absorption. The perfect recipe for a successful meeting! Don’t be passive, take action and stay on course in a place you want to meet.



100 Four Falls Corporate Ctr. Suite 104
Conshohocken, PA 19428, United States

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Looking for a cure to long, boring, unproductive meetings, easy access from all major highways, and free parking? Look no further than WorkMerk Conshy. Get in touch by clicking the button below and let's get started planning your event.

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