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Opportunities For Non-Profit Leaders


I've had some time to reflect upon the meeting and event needs of non-profit organizations such as yours and feel your joy of giving as well as your pain of finding affordable venues to convene.   At WorkMerk Meetings and Events, we understand that every dollar that you spend on meeting costs is deferred away from your cause.  While we are not in the position to offer complimentary services, we are very caring neighbors and can definitely sharpen our pencils when it comes to working within your budget. It's easy for us to be nice because we genuinely care about you and your specific needs.  The next time you are looking to host a meeting or event, please give us a call and give us the chance to prove ourselves to you.  Below are a few ways we may be able to support you:

1. Culinary Teambuilding Fundraisers

2. Non-Profit Board Meetings

3. Annual Galas In Our Atrium

4. Donor Networking On Our Terrace

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