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How Passive Meeting Space May Be Draining Your Team's Productivity

Updated: May 26, 2019

You’ve done it. You found and booked the perfect location for your big conference. Coffee mugs are full, attendees have taken their seats, and a quick overview of the days agenda has started. You sit and place your checklist down, ready to impress your boss and colleagues.

What you may not realize is that your biggest mistake was already made in the selection of a "passive meeting space". According to ProMeet, 9 out of 10 people daydream in meetings.  By selecting a cookie cutter space with a simple shell, chairs and a screen you have no chance of maintaining their interest, let alone the retention of the information that drives your company forward.  

Boring distractions are everywhere in passive meeting space, often relegated to hotel ballrooms or basements with no windows, dull lighting and minimal stimulation built-in.   The technology is often a decade old and boredom is induced by simply peering through the window to check in on things. 

Your space should be as adaptable as your team. 

WorkMerk Conshy empowers you to infuse new energy into your meetings. Our spaces are specifically designed to stimulate the senses. Clean lines, natural light, and sustainably built; WorkMerk has created an environment built for successful meetings. Subtle pops of color spark creativity, intentional lighting keeps energy levels high and comfortable seating allows presenters to have full attention. These micro mental nudges may seem nominal but make a big impact to ensure alertness and information absorption. The perfect recipe for a successful meeting! Don’t be passive, take action and stay on course in a place you want to meet. TAKE ACTION

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